Essay about Cancer Is A Problem Of Cancer

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In today’s society, cancer is a problem that has been developing more and more, affecting most people on the planet in one way or another on a personal level or through a friend or family member. The main causes of cancer still remain in question, as well as how they can be prevented. Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrollable division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. There are many types of cancer; all of them have a very negative effect on the body, and not everyone may have the chance to fight it once it has spread across the body. Developments in science, however, have started to find a possible cure to cancer, but there are ways to prevent cancers from even developing in the first place. Different studies have shown that foods consumed, exposure to different environments, alcohol and tobacco use, and genetics all play a role in development of cancers. It has been found that “1 in 4 Americans will die of cancer” (Freivogel 202). With these odds, 25 percent of people will die, but even a larger number of people will contract cancer and fight it off. Living in a more scientific and technologically advanced age, people should treat their bodies better in the early stages of life by living a healthful and active lifestyle by consuming better food with an awareness of how their body responds to certain exposures of new objects and activities, thus decreasing the risk of contracting cancer in the future. Although the relationship between cancer and…

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