Cancer : Causes, Symptoms, And The Testing Essay

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Cancer, is the leading cause of mortality in the world with approximately 14 million new cases reported each year and 8.2 million cancer related deaths according to the report by the World Health Organizations (2014). This paper is aimed at highlighting the case for Cancer by defining it, detailing the causes, symptoms, and the testing process, diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods.
Cancer is a term referring to a variety of diseases that are characterized by the rapid and uncontrollable division of abnormal cells and may occur in any part of the body. This abnormal replication leads to the growth of malignant tumors formed by the extra tissue cells. It should however be noted that some cancers like Leukemia do not form tumors. Multiple division results in growth beyond the usual boundaries which turn spreads to adjoining body organs through a process referred to as metastasizing.
There are over 200 different types of cancers that are caused by a myriad of factors both behavioral and biological. Cancer is thus multifactorial as there are many factors involved and there is no single cause for any particular type of cancer. Cancer causing agents are referred to as carcinogens.
There are a variety of biological factors that cause cancer: age, genetics, poor immune systems and other medical factors. Most types of cancers come with age because cancer causing cells become more potent and cancerous as we progress over time. According to medical experts the older…

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