Canadians Have A Great Reputation Around The World Essay

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Canadians have a great reputation around the world. We are known for being incredibly nice people and if not somewhat a boring country as a whole. Are reputation to the world was slightly tainted by the infamous mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. Rob Ford is probably one of the most interesting and controversial politicians that Canada, and even the whole world has ever seen. Rob Ford has greatly affected and changed the way that Canadians and many people around the world view Canada. He has altered the reputation of Canada by showing the world for the first time that Canada can be more interesting than it is made out to be. First of all Rob Ford changed the way that the world looks at Canada because of his controversial drug scandal. He proved that Canada isn 't the boring and uninteresting country it is popularly known to be. He also achieved the same effect with his controversial ideals and with his racial and homophobic slurs. Rob Ford Wasn 't just known for his repeated slurs and drug addictions, he was also known for many of his political stances and issues he tried to solve. Many in Canada saw him as a great politician.

Besides all of Rob Ford’s political ideals and racial comments, how Rob Ford really made a name for himself in the world as a canadian, was his drug scandal. Rob Ford had the extremely unhealthy habit of smoking crack cocaine and was an alcoholic. He was frequently viewed intoxicated in public settings. Such as at Ball games and a st. Patrick 's day parade.…

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