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Hard Times
1. What difficulties did the people face with the recession of the 1980s? List at least five. (A: /5) * Inflation rates increased, which caused prices to increase a lot * Unemployment rates increased * Mortgage rate increased (causing people to move out of their houses) * Industrialized world is in recession * Managements became more aggressive which lead the unions to become more intimidated and offensive than before.
1. Inflation caused governments to cut back on social programs and civil service jobs. What did the workers call for and why? (K: /1)
The workers
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(K: /1)
The Quebec delegation had felt betrayed. The Quebec delegation that that they should have been informed of their agreement.
The World Was Mine
1. Name some of the issues in the contest for women’s rights. Identify at least five and research how they were addressed in the 1980s and 90s. (T: /10) * Divorce: In 1968, Divorce Act was passed by Parliament establishing divorce laws throughout Canada. Women wanted equality after they got divorced they also wanted some of the property. The Divorce act, allowed the former partners to come to an agreement on the property. * Out of date legal system: Women believed that new laws would protect their rights. Women took law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to gain equality, rights, and their own independence. * Equality: many organizations and clubs were being formed regarding the rights of women. Women wanted independence and justice. In society, women wanted men and women to be considered as equal in the eyes of everybody. * Abortion Act: In 1967, Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau introduced a bill ‘Criminal Law Amendment law’ allowed abortions when the health of a women was in danger why had to passed by a three doctor committee policy. However, in 1970, women called for increased reproductive freedom. This allowed increased access of abortion or birth control. * Violence against Women: In the late 1960s and 1970s the issue of

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