Canada 's Health Care System Essay

735 Words Nov 21st, 2015 3 Pages
To meet the changing needs of society, Canada 's health care system must constantly evolve. Recent trends in the Canadian health care systems reveal a need for better access to health care among homeless populations, and a shift towards home care services to better serve an aging population. These trends highlight a number of opportunities for occupational therapists (OTs) to assume leadership on roles on health care teams in order to improve health outcomes and client care.
On any given night, thousands of Canadians are homeless. A lack of a stable and supportive living environment is detrimental to one’s health and well-being, and presents many barriers to engagement in meaningful and productive occupations. Consequently, homeless individuals have significantly worse physical and mental health than the general population, and are at higher risk of death. Common health problems among homeless adults include arthritis, diabetes, and concurrent disorders. Despite access to universal health care, Canada 's current model of primary health care does not meet the substantial health care needs of homeless people. Barriers such as lack of transportation and fear of stigmatization can impede homeless individuals from seeking the health care they need. In addition, limited opportunities for engagement in activities of daily living also contribute to the poor health and well-being of homeless individuals. With a focus on removing the barriers to participation, and enabling people to…

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