Canada Meritocratic System Analysis

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In most peoples perspectives Canada is known as a meritocratic system. A society in which people have an influence or a superior status according to their abilities and achievements rather than their given social class. This goes hand in hand with what we perceive to be the “American Dream”. In the definition given by James Truslow Adamams about what the American Dream is, “ Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement”. Its has been known that if you work hard, have the right attitude, have a high moral character and motivation you will be more successful and achieve your goals. Unfortunately, according to sociologist Stephen J. McNamee who wrote his famous novel …show more content…
Canada has grown threw the toll of generations of Canadians who are inspired by the belief of our country is free from of the rigid class systems of the old world, that Canadian success or failure depends on our effort and our own abilities. Canada prospered because the Canadians believe that fair oppurotnies to prosper as individuals as our birth rights even extreme enquities of wealth have rarely roused Canadians because of our confidence in the equity of opportunity as we exile in equal dignity and equal work of all citizens. We have held fast to the principle that inequity as an outcome is acceptable when they reflect people of un equal talent as the try to achieve what they want but in recent years we have doubted ourselves in Meritocracy the average Canadian is more skilled and works far longer then there parents but no enjoys no greater wealth. For the first time an out right majority of Canadians believe that our Children will be worse then ourselves the signal greater. Fast wealth in Canada expanded, today it conducts from high personal wages yet we have became less of a mobile society with Canadian lives are being extremely defined but not from what they are but what there parents are. Canada is sense of self of a meritocracy is in barrel the risk is not that we are progressing in a class based society with rich pull down the poor but we generate in a cast based and the poor and middle class are trapped from inherited unequal access from culture, education and self development even though we are a less a mobile based society then we once were. We are still more mobile then the vast majority of other nations. With this information, Progressives have a very simple answer that makes sense. We enable a society and a system where peoples basic needs are met with this system called a “ social safety net” giving people equal opportunity and given a more social democratic

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