Canada Is The Largest Nation On The North American Continent Essay

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Geography: Canada is the 2nd largest nation on Earth with a total land area of 9,984,670 sq km, and is the largest nation on the North American continent. Although Canada is the second largest country on Earth and the largest in North America, most of Canada 's land is part of a rather inhospitable land that is characterized by tundra and arctic features. Consequently, due to Canada 's very northern location, most of the Canadian population lives towards the United States border where the most prime locations of land are located. The hospitable land is in the eastern part of the Canadian country is characterized by woodlands and farmland, in this area the widely populated cities of Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa and Montreal are located here. In the western hospitable lands of Canada it is characterized by the pacific coastal region and plains, in this region the cities of Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg are located. The richest and most adequate region for farming in Canada is the St.Lawrence Lowlands near the Great Lakes. The St.Lawrence Lowlands is right between the Appalachian Mountains and the Canadian Shield. The Canadian Shield, also known as the Laurentian Plateau, is a rocky basin that covers nearly half of Canada stretching from the Hudson Bay to the Great Lakes. The Canadian Shield is an extremely rocky plateau that is not able to provide much growth for agricultural advancement, however the Canadian Shield is full of minerals and natural resources that make the…

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