Can Women Achieve Political Equality Essay

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CONTENTS: Introduction: Page 1
Literature review Page 1-2
- What is political equality for women? Page 3
- How are Laws made in Britain? Page 4
- What is the vote and how does it work? Page 4-5
- What prevents women from entering politics?
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My project explores the history, expanding and evolving role of women in politics. What enticed me into choosing this thesis was mainly my interest and curiosity as to why women are inferior to men and what has perceived them to being the lesser gender. I’d read a book as part of my English Literature GCSE called ‘An Inspector Calls’ which inspired me to find out why women were inferior to men. Sexism isn’t a main part of the book, but I think it is reflected on a lot of the characters views in the book. I narrowed my focus down to politics because it’s a controversial topic so therefore it would provide me with multiple views and reasons to form my conclusion and the book also has a political side to it, about socialists and capitalists, which also encouraged my decision into choosing politic. To help me gain an answer to whether or not women can achieve political equality, I wanted to start my research by defining exactly what ‘Political Equality’ is. The reason I want to define this is so I can get a clear understanding of what the goals actually are so I can see which ones have been met and which ones need to be progressed. Another area I will address is what barriers women faced and what rights political rights they had and how they have expanded. The reason I believe this will help my form my answer is because it will give me a good idea of how women’s role has evolved

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