Essay on Can We Know Truth in Ethics

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Truth has been debated since the begging of time and may be debated forever, but one thing is certain, that there is truth. There is a universal truth and reality of how things are, but it is hard for people to agree and come to a consensus of it because of backgrounds and beliefs. What we can do to help find truth is interact with others in such a way that we learn from them and show each other different perspectives of truth, one day we all might what find it. I think that this is very unlikely though because people want to have their own believes and ways of thinking. Sometimes even if they know they are wrong they will still disagree just to be different. If we can not agree then how can we find truth?
Ethics is a way of living
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On the negative side for truth we determined the there is an overall lack of consensus, conscience is shaped by culture, conferences don't bring consensus, to many sources, its not testable, and the good and intelligent people disagree argument. It just to hard for society to agree on truth when they already believe what they were raised with and what they want to believe. It is hard for the world as a whole, or even just a society to agree on truth because of the ability to have personal beliefs. This takes away from even knowing truly if everyone agrees on truth because you will never know what they really believe even if they tell you, simply because they can be lying and we cannot know what they really think or know. Once we all start to be truthful with ourselves and others and want to know truth then we might be able to find it. We need to come together and give up beliefs and ways of life that are not truth to begin to find truth. But once again I do not think this is very possible because of human nature and the need for identity and difference. If we can break though this problem then we have a much greater chance of finding real truth and agreeing on it. It's out there and we see it every day, but we just cannot recognize what it really is because we are so lost in the ways we were brought up to

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