Can We Have A Rooftop Table Please? Essay

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"Can we have a rooftop table please?"
"Of course sir, follow me."

The hostess led Gerard and I through the crowded restaurant, up a spiral staircase, and to a table on the top of the building.

We sat down across from each other at the small round table. Gerard glanced through the menu. I already knew what I would order, so I spent the time looking out onto the city in awe.

"It 's so beautiful." I said quietly.
"So are you." He looked up from his menu and smiled at me, which of course made me blush.

Once our food was brought to the table, we began eating and awkwardly making small talk.

We talked about our hobbies, and some minimal talk about our lives, exactly what you 'd expect two people to talk about on a first date.

It was like he was a totally different person from the one that I met that night in the alley.


Gerard held my hand as we walked out of the restaurant, he was so proud to call me his, I just wish I wasn 't so nervous about calling him mine.

We got the normal weird looks from people as we walked back to my house, still holding each others hands, but we also got a few smiles and 'awws '.

"Gerard, we can 't be holding hands when we 're around my mom." I said as we approached the front door of my house.

"Why not?"

"She doesn 't even know that I 'm gay, if she thought there was a possibility of us fucking in the house while she 's gone, she 'd never leave me home alone again."

"So you admit that you 're gay, and that you plan for us to…

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