Pros And Cons Of Eating Healthy Eating Pollan Vs. Berry

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Many people always think about the question: can we really eat healthy. Some people think we can try our best to eat healthy, but some people think we don’t have chance to choose what we want to eat. Pollan and Berry are the two famous authors who mainly write about agriculture. For this question, Pollan and Berry have different answers because they have different opinions about eating healthy. M: Berry thinks people can eat healthy when they eat responsibly. E: In Berry’s article, he shows some reasons why people eat unhealthy today. These reasons relate to human being, food factories, and food companies. At last, he also gives some advices to people to help them eat healthy. A: In Berry’s research, people prefer to eat pre-made food …show more content…
In fact, Pollan thinks the corn not only spreads to field of snack, soda, and fast food, but also spreads to people’s daily food, for example meat and vegetable. He uses an example to explain farmers use a lot of chemicals on the corn so that the corn can be fresh, but these chemicals affect the river. It causes many fishes die. People may think it doesn’t affect the vegetable, they can eat more vegetable to keep healthy. Eating vegetable is better than eating meat, but the vegetable isn’t very good to people. If the farmers use water which has chemical to irrigate, vegetable will not be very safe. Pollan thinks the main reason that people can not eat very healthy is corn, but government doesn’t stop the farmers and food companies use too much corn in animals and food. The government thinks corn wasn’t really bad for human, so Pollan thinks people can not eat healthy. Both these different opinions make sense. Pollan and Berry stand for two of the people’s answers for the question: can we eat healthy? I think this question doesn’t have a absolute true answer. Some people put food on the most important role. They can eat healthy when they follow Berry’s suggestions. Some people care other things more than their food, so they can not eat healthy. Eating healthy is a work which needs to spend people much time in taking care of their food. Some people don’t want to waste their time to do so, but some people are willing to eat healthy. What about you? Do you want to eat

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