Can Symbolic Interactionism Help With Homelessness? Essay example

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Can Symbolic Interactionism Help with Homelessness?
Homelessness is a real important social problem in our society today. In America there can be around 564,708 families, and individuals that are homeless. About 2 percent- 13,105- are considered “chronically homeless” people in families. About 8 percent of homeless people- 47,725- are veterans (Snapshot of Homelessness, 2015). The perspective that I choose to explain why homelessness exist is the social structure and personality perspective. This perspective emphasizes how social structure affects individuals within a society. Social structure deals with the interaction in everyday life homeless people fact four major issues that affect them as an individual. They are homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness, along with dysfunctional relationships. Social structure shows the framework within which we interact with others. The social structure and personality deals with social institutions, statuses, groups, norms, and roles. The social structure helps with the ability to interpret social situations of why people encounter homelessness. Some people can become homeless from facing a natural disaster and still be faced with a stigmatized master status. They are looked upon as causing their homelessness and being a treat to a community. When they are looked upon as the cause of their own problems they will be stigmatized. According to Rohall (2011), “People develop rules and norms that govern almost every aspect of social…

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