Wealness Essay: Culture And Individual Development In Homelessness

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Culture and Individual Development in Homelessness
Katelyn Rose Morris
Butte Community College Culture and Individual Development in Homelessness “I miss my house but I’m never homeless. Home is where you make it… I miss my home, but I’m never homeless. Home is where you make it” (Indar, 2013). After reading this as well as many other short stories and poems that were compiled into the book Writing for Donuts, you can definitely see that the homeless have a culture all their own. Culture and individual development can apply to any group of people such as the homeless. Culture is the term that refers to the behaviors, beliefs, practices, symbols, values and attitudes of a group of people (Gardiner, 2011). The homeless are a group
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If I were to apply the last aspect to my life, my older brother’s niche was different from mine because he was the older brother and one of the things that influenced my niche, whereas I was not born yet to have any influence on his niche. Likewise applying this to my younger brother, we were both part of his influences because he was born after us. The second is customs of child care and child rearing which include sleeping patterns, practices, and schedules. The psychology of the caretakers is last and is all about the parents; how they were raised, what they value, their parenting styles, and their expectations. They all share a reciprocal relationship with each other and the environment, which means that they all affect each other in different …show more content…
Dealing with a family with kids who suffers from homelessness we can look at the parenting styles and values that they grew up with. A family’s expectations can influence how an individual responds in life. For example, my parents expected certain things from me. Growing up they set rules for us to follow because that is also how they were raised. They expected me to get good grades and make it through school. They imagined I would go to college and here I

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