Can Evolution and Creation Co-Exist? Essay

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Can Evolutionism and Creationism Co-exist? Is the teaching of evolution really corrupting the minds of children? Can you really talk about the two theories without cutting off the others head? These are questions that come to mind when thinking about the topic at hand. Evolutionism and creationism can be taught together in classes without any controversy because evolutionism can be tied into creationism in many ways. Almost everyone wonders if the world was really made and how it was made. Students everywhere also ask, “How did the human originate?” This is a huge controversy that has been fought for many years. Although there are many ideas, people mainly argue over two of them. The first theory is that people was created by …show more content…
Why Evolution Is True and The Greatest Show on Earth are among the most important books on evolutionary science for a broad audience in decades. Both desperately needed to be written and need to be read (Futuyma 1).
Creationism is the belief in a God of some sort; a god the created the world and everything in it including humans and animals. This belief is said to be based around only in religion. It is also considered to be a concept based only on faith. The theory of creationism comes from the bible mainly the book of Genesis in the Old Testament While many scholarly articles and publications may not be this straight forward, most are simply more careful in their choice of words; careful enough to still include the strong negativity toward creationists. This mind-set does not stop in the educational realm, but finds common ground in the governmental system as well. An article in the Houston Chronicle shows the attitude of Federal Judge John E. Jones towards proponents of creationism during the popular Dover, Pennsylvania case against the Dover Township school board. The judge also excoriated members of the Dover, Pa., school board, who he said lied to cover up their religious motives, made a decision of ‘breathtaking inanity’ and ‘dragged’ their community into ‘this legal maelstrom with its resulting utter waste of monetary and personal resources’ (Goodstein 1). Evolution is

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