Can Diamonds Come From The Rock Kimberlite? Essay

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Once diamonds were found in Sierra Leone, they were sought out in many other countries. This proved that a certain resource can be anywhere large or small, but the concept of how and why the diamond industry or any concept, such as cotton, will erupt and diffuse if profit is evident. Yet again raising the question of why are there so many more diamonds as a resource in Sierra Leone that any other country. Scientists have proved that diamonds come from the rock kimberlite, which is stored in the upper mantle, formed millions of years ago. Diamonds are compressed in extreme temperatures through cratons, and it is very hard to find cratons that are stable enough and have stayed intact to create said diamonds. It is a phenomenon that these cratons are so dense in Sierra Leone, considering such cratons are three times older than life on earth itself. This is proving why a potential level of corruption over a resource is happening in a certain area, and therefore not is not as evident in other areas of the world

A reason why Sierra Leone is probably more corrupt that any other diamond evident country is that Sierra Leone has an unstable government, and things such as law enforcement, poor leaders and poor overall structure of government has made this the weak nation it is today. The way this country has resided in diamonds to quickly fix poverty, caused the laws of the nation to suffer from it. However, in a country such as America, we tend to have strict laws regarding…

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