Campari Code Of Ethics Essay

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In today market, marketing is a fundamental principal in any competing global or local company. Campari Group consider that Responsible Marketing and practices is an important pillar because it protects the health and safety of its Customers, provide fair marketing and clear information about it is operations. Therefore, according to its newest financial report, Group spent EUR 124.9 million on advertising and promotions during the first six months of 2015, and up from EUR 111.7 million year-over-year. The “Mediterranean” style of consumption encourages a moderate approach to drinking. While promoting a joyful experiences and celebrations Campari condemns the extreme, improper, and illegal consumption of alcoholic. The company takes the responsibility …show more content…
However, when it comes to advertising, Campari follows the rule of law of the host country. For example, Campari Australia will sign the Alcoholic Beverages Advertising Code principals that define responsible marketing.
In code of ethics, article 6 the company stated the commitment to the environment by following the rules and regulations of the country operating in.
Ecocampari, is a project created to aware the Camapristas on the Environment, considering the use of resources both at the office and at home. It has been launched in almost the following countries to shared culture. Plus the company created the “Energy” committees with the heads of production to recognize activities, equipment, and the operating organization. It installed the “measuring devices and meters” on bottling line, machines, etc to specify measures to reduce consumptions, and finally it created the organizational and procedure measures which involve employees. From 2013 to 2014 the level of energy consumed had increased 683968 GJ to 3447430 GJ due to the changing the sites concentrated at distilling and sugar
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Campari had won in the Brazil site the environmental sustainability award provided by the State of Pernambuco Federations of Industries, by creating cooling processes using the rainwater; it was implemented in the Italian plants too.

The following table will explain the consumption and the saving process:

Moreover the company has engaged in many programs in order to reduce the waste like the FootPrints Quality Ticketing System that a web-based to track the complaint process. The SIMATIC IT Unilab, a laboratory deducts research and analyses the product. In America, the Green IT is founded to increase awareness among employees on how to use technological tools. Campari needs to decrease the total wastes per bottle produced 1,110,420 tons which 99.6% was classifies as non-hazardous waste including waste of packaging, paper, plastic, glass, and metal. So it uses the Lean Six Sigma methodology that started in 2011. The LSS is a tool used by global companies to reduce waste within a manufacturing system so it increases the customer overall values. Finally, the Goup is an active member of Europe Spirits through it contributes in the technical committee to calculate the CO2 emissions, so in the future years the spirit sector will be able to produce based on the environmental

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