Campaign Finance Essay

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Any campaign finance reform must be structured within the framework of the Constitution.

When examining the role of the government in situations of participation in political processes, the role as the protector of rights and privileges as identified in the Constitution must be weighed against its role as a regulator of the political process. A primary principle of the First Amendment is to protect and encourage the rights of individuals and organizations to participate in our civic process (Federal Campaign Finance Law). This right to be involved in the political system is an important privilege and should not be taken lightly. Any campaign finance reform must be structured within the framework of the Constitution. Disclosure
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While many view new technology as an asset, others claim that, “information technology hasn’t lived up to its worldwide political promise” (Thompson). Thompson asserts that faster is not always better and gives an example from the Philippines. President Estrada was overthrown after hundreds of protestors received text messages saying, “Go to the EDSA shrine to protest. [Please] pass” (Thompson). Macapagal Arroyo came to power in 2001 and was later charged with incompetence because she was unsuccessful in getting her economic reform package through the Filipino Congress. Thompson states, “Perhaps [she] would have risen and fallen on [her] own – but probably not. And the qualities that have led to [her] failures are the same ones promoted by IT-driven politics… having excess style but short on substance” (Thompson). Several countries have prohibited public access to the internet, while others have developed national firewalls in order to block its “democratizing effect” (Thompson). I believe that for every advantage that technology has to offer, there exists a counter disadvantage. Culture always pays a price for technology, and in this situation I believe it is worth it. By placing facts, figures etc. on the web and making it accessible to the everyday public, I believe that it would open

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