Essay on Campaign Finance Reform : A Beacon Of Hope For Democracy

2108 Words Dec 9th, 2016 9 Pages
American election campaigns are unique in many ways. Many other nations look to us as a beacon of hope for democracy, the gold standard for a republic, and the perfect example for elections and election campaigns. While we may be a beacon of hope and to some the gold standard, we are far from perfect in any regard – especially within our campaigning and election system. In the United States, campaign finance reform can seeming gain no traction in congress or the supreme court. There is always some loophole or workaround that allows the ultra-wealthy to heavily influence our election process. However, something that is also fairly unique to American election campaigns is how we advertise, names our heavy usage of negative and attack advertisements. In the same vein as advertising, how the media portrays a candidate’s advertisement or simply the candidate himself, as well as the media bias towards one candidate or another, can make a great impact on the election’s outcome.
While campaign finance reform is the chief election campaigns issue needing adjustment, there certainly are advantages to having money in a campaign. So much in fact, that many candidates often prioritize fundraising over anything else. In campaigns, money directly translates to other political resources. A candidate can have an army of enthusiastic volunteers at the ready, but that is really no match for a handful of people or even just one person who is an expert professional in running campaigns. All the…

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