CAM Therapeutic Modalities Essay

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CAM Therapeutic Modalities
Margie R. Collins
SOC/201 Survey of Alternative Medicine
November17, 2014
Kay Ach
CAM Therapeutic Modalities
In the pursuit of health and well-being, many Americans along with the world, have used Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) over the past decade. In July 30, 2009, National Health Statistic Reports demonstrated on a test conducted in 2007 “that about 38.3% of adults (83 million persons) and 11.8% of children (8.5 million children under the age of 18 years) have used Complementary and alternative medicine” (NHSR, 2009). In this paper, I will define the terms alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine and clarify how these terms differ. I will also describe how
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It does so in complementary medicine in that it adds practices, products, and care systems that do not generally considered conventional but are claimed to assist in the healing or well-being of the patient. Integrative medicine is a combination of practices and methods of alternative medicine and conventional medicine to combine an optimal health and wellness program or health system. Conventional medicine does not impact alternative medicine in that this type of medicine does not have any scientific evidence or study, but is based on traditions and culture. Overall, CAM and western medicine are different in that CAM medicine is mainly used as a “preventive” philosophy, method, and treatment rather than conventional western medicine to treats the illness. Examine the philosophy of CAM and how it relates to or is different from conventional Western medicine. According to National Institutes of Health (2010), Conventional medicine (also called Western or allopathic medicine) is medicine as practiced by holders of M.D. (medical doctor) and D.O. (doctor of osteopathy) degrees and by allied health professionals, such as physical therapists, psychologists, and registered nurses (Defining CAM, para. 1). Alternative medicine is any healing therapy that does not coincide or is not effective with conventional medicine. Alternative medicine is not based on scientific data; rather it focuses on the

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