Essay about Cafe Primo International Corporation

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Before we start, what is PESTEL? PESTEL literally means “Political, Economical, Social/Socio-cultural, Technological, Environmental and Legal”. This is a marketing analysis in Macro-Economic where you analyze external factors that can affect your company or your business.

Why do we need PESTEL? We need to know PESTEL because we will be able to determine the different factors that can affect the performance and activities of the company or business in a long-term basis. After analyzing PESTEL, we will be able to understand the relationship of external and internal factors that will help the company strategize and plan for their future activities.

The company I chose to analyze is Café Primo International Corporation. It is
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The business should also comply with all the things they need to submit and pay in order for their business to become legal. They have to go to different government establishment that are related to their business and submit the requirements in order for their business to be legal. This is similar to the Legal Factor in PESTEL.

As for the Economic Factor that can affect the business, one of the examples of this, is the market segmentation. The company offers different varieties of products that targets different needs of the people, from Pure Brewed Coffee to 3-in-1 Coffee to Slimming Coffee and other coffee products. Since their main product is Coffee, the company targets people around ages 18 years old and above.

In the field of Labor, since the company is still new to the market, they do not have many workers. Workers are very important in this kind of business. If the company expands, they need to have more workers. There are many graduates and undergraduates who do not have any work; it can give them opportunities to have work if this will happen.

Lastly, for the Economic Factor for Café Primo International Corporation, is the Price Change or Price Fluctuation in the market. This also affects the business since the company uses other raw materials like Seeds, Oil, etc. in order to produce their product which is the coffee. The market for this kind of business is small though the competition is big since a lot of big corporation went into this kind of

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