Cae Study Essay

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Case Study

Liberty University

Multicultural Issues in Human Services – HSER 509

Dr. Katz

December 2, 2012


In this case study I will explore certain possible dynamics related to culture and ethnicity that have been reported in relation to the psychology of Mexican Americans as well as other immigrant communities. Cristal is a 16-year-old Mexican American female. Cristal seems to be experiencing some distress in her life, which seems to stem from cultural conflict rather than inherent psychopathology. Cristal is struggling with the question of whether she should stay home and care for her mother and family or if she should go away to college. She
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I do not like to disappoint my family and will sometimes put my own desires aside if it means that the peace is kept. I feel that Cristal has these same feelings or she wouldn’t be so conflicted on what to do.
Some challenges that I could see having when working with this client is really understanding Mexican American culture or any culture for that matter that wouldn’t encourage their child to gain independence and knowledge through furthering their education. Chin-Lien Chao states in her article that, “Previous research has indicated that there is a strong link between multicultural counseling competence and counselors' level of ethnic identity” (Chin-Lien Chao, 2012). This statement proves that the more you are on top of your game in multicultural counseling, the more you will gain an understanding of others differences. Some steps I could take in mitigating these limitations of not understanding the desire of Cristal’s family is to pull them into the counseling sessions as well and really get an understanding of where they are coming from, what their desire’s are for Cristal’s future, and how willing they are to let her explore her opportunities. Another challenge that I could foresee would be a language barrier if Cristal’s family was Spanish speaking. Cristal herself does not speak Spanish at all, however, her family does.
I am not sure that I would have persona l limitations or

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