Stranger Things: A Narrative Analysis

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Praised for its gripping story and stellar acting, Stranger Things quickly became a monster hit over a little period of time. Starring a group of Dungeon & Dragons playing kids who bike around while communicating on their walkie-talkies, the series brought a heavy dose of eighties nostalgia with a rather rare authenticity. This stylish take on the tropes of the eighties with an undeniable amount of sci-fi and horror, not to forget homages, tells the story of a 12 year old named Will who will vanish and all the butterfly effect that would cause ulteriorly. While events get more complex, tension arises, suspense drills holes in the watchers’ minds and terror amplifies from what is hidden and conflicts of interest, making the person on the other …show more content…
The show starts off by an outer shot on the façade of the institute just to, suddenly but efficiently, transition to a set where a lab scientist is seen running down dark hallway with flickering lights and blaring alarms, while the sound of his pulse is increasingly noticeable and his breath is unstable. This …show more content…
Something hungry for blood. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. It is almost here.”
It is not a nonchalant coincidence that these are the first words pronounced after such horrifying sequence. After ten hours of playing D&D, this sentence is articulated by Mike who is the storyteller, these words later compel Will, Dustin and Lucas to seem nervous and anxious; these facial expressions verbalize their emotions of fear and fright of the probable damage that it would cause if the monster was truly the Demogorgon . This is also where the watcher is admonished of the events happening in the near future where the abduction of Will takes place.
This continuous opposing of truth and fiction that is so coherently expressed in Stranger Things such as the horror of reality with the bliss of fantasy, the ugliness of mankind with the innocence of 4 children, speak of the strong dualistic undertone dealt with in the series. Thus, this is epitomized by the fact that the adventure takes place in two different worlds: “the real world” and the “manufactured world” which is a devilish version of the prior one and appeals to humans’ nature that brings out their desire in harming other

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