Essay about Butler Tourist Area Life Cycle

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Butler’s Tourist Area Life Cycle (TALC)

Tourism Area Life Cycle (TALC) is a model developed by Butler to explain the stages involved in the development of a tourism destination. TALC model has identified six stages involved in the lifecycle of a tourism destination. These stages include; exploration, involvement, development, consolidation, stagnation and decline/ rejuvenation. While many tourism scholars have adopted Butlers TALC model as tool for tourism destination planning, there are still a few tourism scholars who think that the model that not provide a comprehensive understanding of the development of tourism destination. This paper will evaluate to the extent to which Butler’s TALC model provides a useful means of
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However, the areas tourism appeal may be rejuvenated through various means such as developing new products beside the product that had initially attracted tourist into the area.

Contribution Made by Butler’s TALC Model
Butler’s TALC model has been useful in describing how destinations and tourism markets rise and fall. This model evaluates the evolution of tourism destination based on factors such as tourists demand, typology of visitors and their flow (Lagiewski, 2004). Demand for tourist products has been primary emphasized in its role in determining the evolution of destination. According to TALC model, destination move from one stage in the cycle based on the demand of its tourism products. The initial stages in destination cycle are characterized by low demand while the later stages are characterized by very high demand that surpasses the available tourism resources. According to this model, destination fall because of failure to control demand for tourism resources leading to increased pressure on the available resources. Once the carrying capacity of a given area is exceeded the area begins to experience the decline phase (Lagiewski, 2004). Several destinations around the world have experienced these stages of destination life cycle. Good examples of these destinations are Melanesia, Crate andCaribbean Islands. Once this destination had few visitors who went there for adventure

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