Busting the Stereotype of a Military Brat Essay

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Busting the Stereotype of a Military Brat
Liza Finke
Professor Alicia Cathell
Axia College
COM 125 Utilizing Information in College Writing
September 17, 2006

Busting the Stereotype of a Military Brat People all across the country have different stereotypes of military brats. It is dependent on whether the area has a military presence and if it does, it depends on the attitude towards the military. Obviously, in areas that have an unwanted military presence, local citizens will think of military brats as presumptuous and disobedient. In areas with a positive military presence, a more positive image of brats is portrayed. The life of a military child (brat) is a wonderful, enriched, hard, and learning experience. Brats
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Leyva believes that children will learn good social skills from making friends that will carry with them into adulthood. Leyva, seeing what kids have gone through while being in the military, developed a website called CinCHouse. This website helps military wives find resources to help their children cope (Quigley, 2006). Moving affects military children. Some military children will adapt to their new surroundings, such as schools, very quickly, but others will take some time. Some people believe that this will effect a child's social and emotional adjustments, but research as shown that the rate of moving does not affect military child's psychosocial adjustments. To make a move easier, a positive mother-child relationship is important and having positive attitudes toward a smooth moved. The length of time that a child has stayed at one place also affects their behavior. As a child settles into a place, it makes it more difficult to uproot and move (Finkel, 2001). Rutz (2006) expresses to keep military children happy with their lifestyle; parents need to keep their child's life as consistent as possible, be patient, and to communicate with their children. In addition, they should not make major lifestyle changes before deployment, and be prepared for a not-so-perfect reunion. Maintaining routines while a parent is away from home should be put in place well before a parent's deployment. The parents also need to start openly communicating with their

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