Essay on Business Translation Of Global Business

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Business Translation Essentials

Global business is a reality and it is expanding. The economic benefits of a global economy do not come without their challenges, however, and businesses must deal with the translation of business and legal documents into numerous target languages. These translations entail a number of critical elements that may not be found in many other translation categories. Items that may fall in the realm of business or legal translation include patent documents, depositions, contracts, application letters, birth certificates, strategy guides, marketing and advertising, and even financial statements.

Translators who work on business documents must not only have native-level fluency in the languages in which they work, but understand the legal and field-specific terminology used in the documents and comprehend the cultural and legal systems involved.

Business Translation Considerations

Terminology. The language of business and law is different than the language spoken by most people on the street. Documents are rife with specific terms, each with a clear and distinct meaning, and a simple change in a word 's context could have disastrous results. When these words are translated from language to language it is important to know the unique legal language of the target country and jurisdiction. This becomes even more critical when dealing with patents and specialized fields.

Consider the difficulty drawing up probate documents in the Yoruban…

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