Business Structure And Corporate Structure Of Walgreens

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Walgreens corporate structure consists of ten separate divisions. Marketing manages all product and brand marketing for the whole company (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.). IT and engineering maintain all hardware and software along with developing projects to advance the company technologically (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.). The facilities and real estate team analyze the store location and building sites for the expansion (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.). Other departments include the corporate management team, finance, legal, human resources, merchandizing and procurement, sales and strategy, and business development (Tucker-McLaughlin, n.d.).
In each Walgreens local location, each position report to management at the local level. Local managers have authority
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He was Executive Chairman of Alliance Boots since July 2007, before merger of Walgreens and Alliance Boots ("Senior management," 2016). Pessina also serves in the Board of Directors of Galenica AG, a publicly-traded Swiss healthcare group ("Senior management," 2016).
Alexander Gourlay and Ornella Barra is current Co-Chief Operating Officer for Walgreens Boots Alliance. However, their authorities are slightly different. Gourlay is overseeing the operations of both Walgreens and Boots, while Barra is overseeing global brands, pharmaceutical wholesale, the retail pharmacy international business outside the UK and Republic of Ireland, human resources, and other business services ("Senior management," 2016). Both have very strong leadership background in pharmaceutical industry.
George Fairweather is Executive Vice president and Global Chief Financial Officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance. He was Group Finance Director of many companies, such as Alliance Boots before having joined Alliance UniChem, Elementis, Dawson International, Dixons Group, Procter & Gamble, and KPMG Thomson McLintock ("Senior management," 2016). Fairweather is also a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland ("Senior management,"

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