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1. What is a research paradigm?positivism?interpretivism?

A research paradigm is a philosophical framework that guides how scientific research should be conducted.
Positivism is underpinned by the belief that reality is independent of us and the goal is the discovery of theories, based on empirical research (observation and experiment).positivism is associated with quantitative methods of analysis.
Interpretivism is underpinned by the belief that social reality is not objective but highly subjective because it is shaped by our perceptions. interpretivism focuses on exploring the complexity of social phenomena with a view to gaining interpretive understanding. interpretivists adopt a range of methods that
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4. What is the axiological assumption?
The axiological assumption is concerned with the role of values: * Positivists believe that the process of research is value-free. Therefore, positivists consider that they are independent from what they are researching and regard the phenomena under investigation as objects. Positivists are interested in the interrelationship of the objects they are studying and believe that these objects were present before they took an interest in them. * In contrast, interpretivists consider that researchers have values, even if they have not been made explicit. These values help to determine what are recognized as facts and the interpretations drawn from them. Most interpretivists believe that the researcher is involved with that which is being researched.

5. What is the rhetorical assumption?
Rhetorical assumption is concerned with the language of research. This is particularly important when you write your research proposal and your final dissertation or thesis. These documents should be complementary to your paradigm, but they must also be written in a style that is acceptable to your supervisors and examiners. * In a positivist study, it is usual to write in a formal style using the passive voice. This is because you should try to convey the impression that your research was objective. You will use the future tense in your proposal. * The position is less clear in an interpretive study. There fore,

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