Essay on Business Research Methods and Tools

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Assignment One
BUS642 Business Research Methods and Tools
August 27, 2012
What is business research? Why should there be any question about the definition of research? “Business research is a process of planning, acquiring, analyzing, and disseminating relevant data, information, and insights…in ways that mobilize the organization to take appropriate actions that in turn, maximize performance.” (Cooper, & Schindler, 2011, p.4) Research is a planned and systematic process of inquiry and discovery providing decision makers with information and insight to more accurately answer proposed questions concerning business decisions thus lowering possible risk associated with those decisions. There should be questions on the definition
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Will the cost of hiring personnel affect the decision to create their own program or hire an outside consultant to implement a motivation program. Hiring an outside firm could cost more money than the company is willing to spend. The manager has to consider the price. Another dilemma would be hiring the right firm for the company goals. This outside firm would also have to intertwine their views with the company views. Would the company personnel be willing to work with the firm that was hired? As stated in Business Research Methods (11th ed.), “the purpose of business research-problem involved or decision made-should be clearly defined and sharply delineated…” (p.12)
You observe the following condition,”our female sales representatives have lower customer defections than males.” A) Purpose the concepts and constructs you might use to study the phenomenon. B) How might any of these concepts and/or constructs be related to explanatory hypothesis. “A concept is a generally accepted collection of meanings or characteristics associated with certain events, objects, conditions, situations, and behaviors.” “A construct is an image or abstract idea specifically invented for a given research and/or theory building purpose.” (Cooper, et. al., 2011, p. 55-56) One concept is females are nicer than males. Some constructs that can be formed are female sales representatives are more

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