Essay about Business Research Method 600 Week 5

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1.Ch.11 - 6 -- Below are listed some objects of varying degrees of abstraction. Suggest properties of each of these objects that can be measured by each of the four basic types of scales.

a. Store customers:
Nominal – gender, race, religion, age, marital status
Ordinal – frequency of purchases (frequent, seldom, never)
Interval –
Ratio – total monthly purchases

b. Voter attitudes
Nominal – democrat, republican, independent, other
Ordinal – popularity of candidates
Interval –
Ratio – number of votes cast for each candidate
c. Hardness of steel alloys
Nominal – types of alloys
Ordinal – The order of alloys in terms of hardness
Interval – Rank/Scale in terms of hardness
Ratio – Ratio of softer to
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c. When did you first start chewing gum?
No, this is not a good question because the question concerns a past event that a participant will not likely remember.
d. How much discretionary buying power do you have each year?
No, this is not a good question because it is not clear what the interviewer means and participants will have a hard time understanding this.

e. Why did you decide to attend Big State University?
Yes, this is a good question because it is open for the participant to provide a clear answer and it is easy to understand. f. Do you think the president is doing a good job now?
No, this is not a good question because it will likely produce answers in varying directions. The purpose of this question is not clearly defined. If it was pertaining to a specific issue, the results are likely to be a more accurate measure.
4. Ch.14 - 6 -- Your task is to interview a representative sample of attendees for the large concert venue where you work. The new season schedule includes 200 live concerts featuring all types of musicians and musical groups. Since neither the number of attendees nor their descriptive characteristics are known in advance, you decide on nonprobability sampling. Based on past configurations, you can calculate the number of tickets that will be available for each of the 200 concerts. Thus, collectively, you will know the number of possible

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