Case Study: Project Schedule: Riordan Manufacturing

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Project Schedule: Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan Manufacturing wants to update the software applications used by the Human Resources Department. The overall objective is to integrate all of the existing applications currently in use into a single application that will be implemented at all of the company locations. This portion of the project plan will concentrate on the project budget. Learning Team A will discuss the Business Requirements Document (BRD) and the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
Business requirements document The Business Requirements Document (BRD), is a document that is used as a tool in projects to update or create informations systems or software. This document outlines in greater detail the objective or goal of the proposed project. Riordan Manufacturing wants to update their Human Resources Information System (HRIS) which was initially installed in 1992. It is now 2014, so their system needs to be updated. The BRD may contain many different parts, but only a few will be discussed.
User expectations The HRIS is a system that is used by many employees within
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The primary requirement should be an application that is secure. All of the employees want to be sure that their personal information is safeguarded. Each employee needs to have an individual user name and password to gain access to the system. Each employee should also have only the level of access that they require. For example, an employee should only have the ability to see their own information and that is all. Managers should have access to see their subordinates’ personnel files but not files of other employees within the company. The HR personnel should be able to see all of the employees’ personal information as well as payroll information. Access to the system needs to be based on specific job functions and position

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