Essay about Business Plan For A New Business

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Starting a new business requires a lot of planning, making vital financial decisions and conducting a number of legal activities. The demand of a person time may be much greater than anticipated. With careful planning, an individual would be able to work through some of those challenges they will be faced with. In starting a business, there are numerous steps/stages one must go through. Some of those steps includes (1) Business plan, (2) Choosing a business location, (3) Financing your business (4) Registering a business name and (5) Obtaining business licenses and permits. Starting a business is exiting venture, but can be incredibly challenging. Not everyone can start a business. You must develop an idea that others will like and respond to. The hypothetical business I will be creating is Healthy Alternative Café (HAC).

Business Plan Having a business plan is essential in starting a business. As business plan is a valuable tool for all business owners, whether you are starting up or wanting to grow your business. A business plan must be thought as a sales document. It must convince those that are reading it that your venture has the potential to be successful. A personal dedication, motivation and confidence must be evident to the reader. Starting a business plan can help someone turn their ideas and capital into a viable business. One must be able to secure financing and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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