Essay on Business Management As It Is The Course

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I am applying to study Business Management as it is the course that combines both my interests and skills in one. My interest in business originates from conversations had with my father, who owns a newspaper publishing and distribution company that started in his kitchen and now operates around the UK. This/Which offered me an early insight into how a business operates and the challenges it faces. This sparked an interest that has only grown over the years, the experiences through working has assured me that business/management is the course I am most suited for and will allow me to develop my skills.

I have also experienced working in the business and management sector which has assured me of the commitment to the course and that it is the course that I am most suited for. I course will allow me to develop my skills further in order to be successful.

However, I did not apply straight away, instead I took the time to both work and improve my grades. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever chosen, as the time and invaluable experience has allowed me to thoroughly consider what truly interests me and what I can succeed in, which I believe I can be achieved through this course. I believe that I am a suitable candidate for this course as I am highly motivated and extremely hard working. I have achieved the highest grades of BTEC Applied Science, this exemplifies my high levels of concentration and motivation. The course has assisted me in developing my skills and…

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