Business Law Essay

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1. Identify the ethical, strategic, operational, and financial issues in this scenario and list them in priority order from most to least critical.
As a global healthcare organization, our goal has always been to promote quality of care and optimal health to people around the world. We have a firm commitment to serve diverse communities with products and services that reflect the latest trends in innovation and the highest quality at reasonable prices to match consumer expectations and needs. We have established a culture founded on individual accountability that expects employees at all levels us to communicate openly and transparently; any strategic, operational, or financial challenges we face are viewed through a comprehensive moral
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On the other hand, we also recognize the inherent risk in spending more money on additional resources given the financial losses the product delay is already likely cause.
The second option adds a new feature or features to the product line that could increase profit without adversely affecting unit costs. We see in this scenario the opportunity to retain and capture more customers and potentially charge a higher price per unit to make up for the launch delay. However, we also see a potential risk in not having enough time to determine with reasonable certainty if the new feature(s) would resonate with the Malaysian market. As a result, we would have to implement reviews, quality assurance, testing, and other assessments to ensure we identify risks effectively and put preventive actions in place.
3. Based upon the options you identified above, select the one you would implement and describe fully and succinctly your course of action.
Revising our launch strategy to add cross-functional employees to the team for up to six months would be the better overall option because of its increased possibility for success and fewer risks, even though it would require additional effort to reposition our advertising strategy; sharpen our sales techniques, marketing expertise, merchandising, and scheduling; and maintain communications with manufacturers and distributors.
To implement, we

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