Essay on Business Law Assignment I

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1. Identify areas of law addressed in the chosen media report, and explain how they are relevant to the matters outlined in the report.

This chosen article reports on the prosecution of the directors of a medical practice company called Medical Centre 2000 at Liverpool in Sydney for discriminating against a visually-impaired employee and underpaying her more than $20,000 for about 3 years.

Civil Law
Civil law can be illustrated in this case when workplace law and disability discrimination have been breached and the victim will be provided with legal remedies by the offenders. In the media report, it have been mentioned that doctors face criminal penalties for underpaying the disabled worker.
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As directors, the details of rights and obligations sought to be indicated in the employment contract as a part of agreement. The list would comprise good ethics as an employer and the forbiddance of discrimination under the grounds of disability. The employers conducted a breach of contract when they did not pay the employee according to her entitled rate of payment. Hence, they breached the law.

Criminal Law

The directors of the medical centre had breached their duties and committed offences. For example, “Sydney doctors fined for underpaying disabled employee” simply reflects the operation of criminal law. There is a breach of disability discrimination under Fair Work Act when the employee was underpaid more than $20,000 in total of years she worked at the medical practice due to her disability. As a result, a fine of $123,690 had been imposed on the doctors for their discriminatory behaviour and also violating the law.

2. Demonstrate how the law functions in these various ways, by reference to specific examples within the chosen media report and the areas of law you identified in question 1. * allows people to organise and plan with reasonable certainty;
Contract is a great illustration of this function of law. Even though it has not been mentioned in the media report, the contract between the directors and the worker allows worker to expect

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