Essay on Business Admin Level 2

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Unit two: Principles of providing administrative services

Section 1 – Understand how to make and receive telephone calls

1. Complete the table below with descriptions of at least two different features of a telephone system and how / when they would be used.

Feature How / when used
Computer telephone integration

This option links two systems together, the computer and the telephone systems. When someone calls up, the telephone rings and a dialog box will appear on the computer screen with options for answering it.


This option allows the business to enjoy free calls and voicemails sent by the internet. Therefore it needs a fast and reliable internet connection.
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The storage of these manuals should be consistent in one designated place so they can be found easily by anyone working on any given day.

3. Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean, hygienic and ready for the next user.

The purpose of keeping equipment clean and ready for the next person to use is to keep a high level of efficiency and speed of operations within the business.
Also it is expected to be considerate to the next person that will come to use the same equipment after us in the work place. However health reasons can be the biggest reason to keep equipment clean and tidy, especially for those businesses using chemicals.

Section 4 – Understand how to keep waste to a minimum in a business environment

1. Explain why waste should be kept to a minimum in a business environment.

Waste should be kept to a minimum because too much money is usually wasted on waste. Sometimes some leftover materials can be dangerous to people and the environment so that should be dealt with straight away.
When waste is kept to a minimum business do not need to raise prices to compensate for higher costs of waste.

2. Identify at least two main causes of waste in a business environment.

People and

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