Bus 499 Assignment 3: Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

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Professor Rufus Robinson
Assignment 3: Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies
Business 499
February 17, 2014

The business that I chose to research is General Electric. GE is one of the oldest and largest businesses in the United States. They are ranked #26 largest firm in the U.S and the 14th most profitable. GE is a massive, diversified and profitable conglomerate with a lot of very good but unrelated businesses. GE has expanded to incorporate television, airplane engines, medical devices, household appliances and commercial financing. Analyzing GE’s business-level strategy is somewhat difficult being that GE has so many different divisions. Any of these products would serve as a large and viable business on its own but
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Analyzing GE’s competitive and external environment includes industry, raw materials, human resources, financial resources, market, technology, economy, government, socio-cultural, as well as international environment. The different segments of GE are in over 20 different industries and face different external environment, therefore the environmental uncertainty is not consistent. International environment and economy with the development of economic and globalization processes, products can be more extensively distributed to worldwide market. Meanwhile, because many countries, regions and companies develop rapidly, GE is not only facing competition from Japan, China and Europe, but also facing the impact of new-developing nation.
GE’s most significant competitor in six major areas such as information technology, power controls, lighting, medical systems, automation, and transportation sector is Siemens. They are a large international organization that has operations in over 190 countries and an estimate of 600 facilities, research centers and sales offices. “Siemen’s innovative engineers have been conquering new markets and tapping growth fields. With this special strength, we want to continue achieving leading positions in new business fields characterized by growth and technological innovation. We’re strengthening our power of innovation by leveraging synergies

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