Bullying Related Deaths Are More Common Among Teenagers Essay

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On March 29th, 2014 Nailani Buchholz wrote a letter to her parents before she made the fatal decision to hang herself. Nailani was a highly intelligent thirteen year-old teenager who consecutively made straight A’s at Los Osos Middle School (Velie). Growing up, she was taunted about her physical appearance and weight. Her father was aware that the kids were calling her derogatory names since the fourth grade. He also explained that she asked to stay home so that she could avoid bullying (Velie). No one knew that this torment would continue to follow her through middle school. Nailani made changes in her life to lose weight, but the words “fat” and “ugly” resonated in her head and remained there until the moment she decided to take their life. In modern society, bullying-related deaths are more common among teenagers (Reiss). Research groups such as the Center for Disease and Prevention Control (CDC), are extremely important in the community. They bring attention to the social issues that younger people are faced with daily. According to the CDC, around 4,000 teens die each year due to suicide and young girls between the ages of ten through thirteen are at a higher risk to commit this fatal act (Bullying and Statistics). This organization has been analyzing the relationship between bullying and suicide, since 2009 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It is essential that one must understand the impact cyber bullying has on an individual through harassment and…

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