Exemplification Essay: The Psychological Effects Of Bullying

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One major issue that is prominent in school is bullying and the way children deal with it. Kids do not always realize the effect their words and actions are having on their peers. With technological advances, it makes it easier for bullies to find ways to torment on social media, as well as, text messaging. This can cause major psychological problems for the bullied kids and some may even go as far as taking their own lives. The bully may not feel secure with themselves, so they put others down. This is a mechanism for them to deal with their own pain that exists. Often times, a bully has been a victim as well, whether it be from another peer or even family members. Another reason a person may turn into a bully is because they were neglected. …show more content…
Kids who, at any point in their life, have been bullied could come to this group. This would be a way for them to talk about their experience without feeling judged or feeling like they are burdening someone with their problems. The club could also do activities that helped to show kindness, that way they could get even more fulfilment out of the club. They would be able to realize that they did have a purpose in the world. This would be a way for kids to find true friends who they knew would not hurt them because of the common situation that they shared. This group could also put together an “anti-bullying” assembly, if they so choose to. If some of the students felt they were able to share their stories with the entire student body, this could have a lasting effect. When kids hear these stories, they would be able to think twice about it. Right now at school, they show a video, maybe once every school year, but it does not show the real impact bullying has on children. It lessens the effects of bullying by not showing the darker aspects of bullying. It needs to show how a child being bullied actually feels, in order to work. A video needs to grasp the feeling of anger, loneliness, self-hatred, among some other feelings. Also, if a victim from the school shares their story, then it is more likely to open up the student body’s eyes, because the stories are now personal to school. are

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