Bullying Is A Major Issue All Around The World Today Essay

1241 Words Nov 20th, 2014 null Page
Bullying is a major issue all around the world today, in all ages. Most people probably think bullying only occurs in teens, but that is a wrong assumption. Bullying takes places in many different environments. Activists are currently trying to put an end to this cowardly act. There is no reason in treating someone different, because of the way they look or act. Activists want to make more restrictions and punishments against people that bully. This could make bullies think twice before they try to pick on someone again. If we come up with more restrictions against bullying, we can help put a stop to this horrible issue. Bullying is known as attacking someone verbally or physically in hope of intimidating the individual. It occurs most often in children and adolescents, but also occurs in adults. The difference is, in adults, they can be criminally charged with assault or battery (Lee & Geier, "Bullying in Schools"). There are four main types of bullying. The first one is physical, and can range from pushing, tripping, punching, kicking and many other physical abuses. The second type is verbal bullying. This consists of insults, racism and intimidation. The third type is hidden bullying. This is usually harder to stop because it happens behind the person’s back. For example, spreading rumors to ruin someone’s social reputation. The fourth main type is cyber bullying. This is done by using technology such as, social media. People can use social media to talk about someone,…

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