What Are The Effects Of Bullying Essay

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Each day students learn skill and lessons from their teachers and peers. Throughout the school year, students have had at least one bullying experience throughout their school years that may have affected them negatively and have followed them for the rest of their lives. Children find their way to let out their frustration out through bullying. Back in the day, frustration was better controlled through face-to-face interaction. However, now bullying has expanded with the expansion of technology and has become more dangerous. If students were taught the meaning, effects, and preventions of bullying, there wouldn’t be a problem with people that suffer serious, emotional, and physical problems. "The definition of bullying can
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Physical bullying doesn 't just affect the bully and the victim but also the witnesses of bullying. This type bullying is more commonly used by those of the male gender. Based on StopBullying.gov, “Bullying can affect everyone those who are bullied, those who bully, and who witness bullying.” Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes such as mental, health, and suicide. Children that get bullied lose interest in going to school, and do poorly in academics. They also create suicidal thoughts and have even gone to extremes such as school shootings. For over a decade, school shootings have become a serious issue across America. "The great majority of school shootings are perpetrated by victims of bullying", according to Gale Cengage Learning. Often victims of bullying feel like they have to prove a point in order to feel good about themselves. They want to seek revenge and turn to shooting up a school, killing the bully and others. The shooter in this case, portrays himself/herself as the victim making their actions feel less serious. There have been many cases such as the Columbine school shooting, where the shooters were being bullied and seeked …show more content…
Working as a group can be easier to identify when a student is being bullied. Redirecting the bully’s intentions and telling him/her the consequences of bullying

Silva 5 will help eliminate this act. Communities can also create clubs where they teach the student how to prevent bullying from happening, how to address it, and teach them about what bullying is. At the end of the day, all voices can come in together and make a change in this world. In conclusion, bullying is a socially unacceptable behavior that has serious effects that can be long lasting and even cause suicide. Bullying has been a serious issue over the past century and will continue to be a problem until someone puts a stop to it. Many children all over the world go through bullying and go through many problems. If you think you can 't handle the situation on your own you can always seek for help that would not harm anyone. Don 't be afraid to look for help. People need to stand up and take charge and make a change in people 's lives. There are many things that can be done in order to eliminate

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