Bullying : Can A Parent Be A Bully? Essay

1386 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
Lakesha Tucker
Mr. Palombo
English 1101
17 November 2016
Can a Parent be a Bully? A bully is someone who is regularly overbearing. He or she looks to cause humiliation or discomfort to another, particularly if that other is weaker or smaller. In today’s society, bullying is quickly taking over as one of the biggest concerns when it comes to adolescent development. Peer pressure, gang initiation, and overly aggressive parenting tactics are often seen as types of bullying. No single factor puts a child or an adult at risk of being bullied or bullying others; bullying is everywhere and all the time. Many of us see it as part of growing up, some people try to be tough and stand against it, but sometimes help is needed. Strangely as it may seem parents can be bullies toward their children and cause the most damage.
Research shows that bulling has three main ingredients which is: Aggressive behavior where there is physical or verbal attacks that is intended to cause bodily harm or shame; Imbalance of power, when the person that is doing the bulling is stronger, more popular, and able to overpower the victim in a lot of ways; and Repetition, when the behavior re-occurs often, leaving the victim scared of another attach soon again. When people are bullied as a child it can have an effect throughout their lives. Depression, difficulty with relationships, and an increase likelihood of substance abuse are all long term results of being bullied. Bullying amongst children is a…

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