Bullying : Being Part Of The Workforce Essay

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Being part of the workforce is something all of us will experience at one point of our lives. It can happen anywhere such as working for your grandfather at his woodshop, to being a part of a huge fortune 500 company. With work that the company provides you with comes a downside, workplace bullying. Which is “the unethical and unfavorable treatment of one or more persons by the others in the workplace” (McCornack, pg A-17). This can include almost any negative behavior from you or your coworkers, from verbal to physical injury, sometimes even reaching the heights of using the internet to cause harm known as Cyberbullying. For myself, I have been a part of the mistreated and the offender parties.
One of the most memorable times I have encountered workplace bullying was in the military, as obvious as that might seem to some people this was definitely not normal hazing. When I finally joined my first assigned command unit, I was greeted with warm smiles and courteous words. This should have been my first sign of trouble, but I was too naïve. Within the first hour of being assigned to my workshop I went from being treated like a guest to being to being treated on something as equal terms as useless garbage. As I found out later, the shop I was assigned too was known as the most notorious abuser between all the others ones. The chain of command (this is a process of which we communicated, start from the bottom then go up all the way to the Commanding Officer) ignored the pleas…

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