How To Write A Cause And Effect Of Bullying Essay

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The Bully Has to Go
Bullying is the biggest problem arising in young children today. Children are bullied for many reasons, but obesity bullying is probably the most common. Children with obesity are forced to interact with their bullies because many bullies are around them daily. Bullying can cause many things in childhood, and can also affect adulthood.
Obesity has become very common in the world today. However, childhood obesity is more complicated that adult obesity. When a child has obesity, he or she will have many health problems. High blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and asthma are some of the health problems that arise in young children. When health problems show up at an early age, they often follow into adulthood. As a
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When children are bullied by their peers, they often become depressed. Many schools focus on preventing bullying. While schools are trying to prevent bullying they tend to neglect the victims and their sufferings. According to Childhood Bullying Can Cause Obesity in Later Life, bullying can last for decades, and can shorten a person’s life (Knapton). The article also states that bullying is a “silent killer” because bullying raised the risk of blocked arteries, fatal heart attacks, and strokes (Knapton). Bullying can also cause a child to have suicidal thoughts and thoughts of killing the person who is bullying them. Therapy can help children express their thoughts and feeling. According to Designing a Group Therapy Program for Coping with Childhood Weight Bias, group therapy can have a big impact on obese children and their parents. Parents can actually see and hear what has been going in their child’s life. Some parent neglects their child’s bullying experience because they believe that bullying is a part of growing up. Bullying should always be taken very serious because the situation can become worse that what it already

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