Essay about Bullying And The Way Children Deal With It

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One major issue that is prominent in school is bullying and the way children deal with it. Kids do not always realize the effect their words and actions are having on their peers. With technological advances, it makes it easier for bullies to find ways to torment on social media, as well as, text messaging. This can cause major psychological problems for the bullied kids and some may even go as far as taking their own lives. The bully may not feel secure with themselves, so they put others down. This is a mechanism for them to deal with their own pain that exists. Often times, a bully has been a victim as well, whether it be from another peer or even family members. Another reason a person may turn into a bully is because they were neglected. Hatred is a way for them to fill in that anger and sadness that builds up. Bullying not only harms the victims, but also hurts the bully, as well. At one point, the aggressor will realize their wrong doings and will then carry that burden with them. Sometimes a bully does not actually realize that they are bullying. They make rude comments, not understanding the impact of those who are at the receiving end of the comments. Bullying is a serious issue that needs to be fixed by creating a peer mediation program, creating a support group club, and making harsher punishments.
One way to dissolve this issue is by Peer Mediating. How this would work is by sitting the bully, victim, and another teenager who has nothing to do with the…

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