Bullying And Its Effects On Children Essay

1021 Words Nov 13th, 2014 5 Pages
Standing in a doctor’s office waiting to get a shot…the patient suddenly feels frightened and wants to run away once his name is heard by the receptionist. Comparing this to bullying with the bully as the needle and the patient as the victim, no one wants to come encounter with the needle. Over half of students in school reported being bullied more than a school year. Bullying should stop because bullying has contributed to altering many victims’ self-esteem and personality, victims’ may feel humiliated, and thus alienated from everyone in their peer group, while bullies may feel they have gained a position of superiority, and administrators should not focus on the victims’ behavior and focus on the bullies’ behavior. Bullying controls the victims’ personality and self-esteem more than the victim can control their own. Many would argue that bullies have potentially low self-esteem. By saying that, does that mean the victim has high self-esteem? The answer to that is no. Victims of bullying feel humiliated, insecure, and hopeless because of the verbal and physical harm the bully throws at the victim. Bullies can say racist comments, laugh at sexuality preferences, talk about your appearance or figure (for the girls), and even say cruel things about your family. As Peg Tyre explains, “They might be different in some way because of their size, their name and their mannerisms…they are attacked because they seem vulnerable, as though they won’t stand up for themselves”…

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