Bullying And Its Effect On Society Essay

926 Words Jan 21st, 2016 4 Pages
During my time with the SCDAA I heard one word in particular thrown around frequently: bullying. It may seem like a harsh word but it begs to be explained. For whatever reason, overwhelming pressure or preference, the average tone of daily interaction at SCDAA is a negative one. It is no secret that there is an ever changing favorites system in place. Any one who is considered a favorite is immune to negativity for however long a time their favoritism lasts. However, those who are not in the current status of favorite are literally sitting targets for the daily storm of aggression and attitude whirling around the office. I spent very little time on the favorite list (if any). When you are a favorite, you don 't always know it, there is really no benefit besides less aggressive e-mails and increase quiet time. On the contrary, you are very much aware when you are not a favorite. That is how she prefers it. So long as you are not a favorite, there’s a chance you will be fighting to reach that sacred status by any means possible. Staff members are often pinned against each other in seemingly pointless battles and blame all in search of approval which will never come. I have never considered myself someone who needs or even thrives from positive reinforcement. Yet when you are faced with the complete absence of positivity, and with a constant influx of negativity (despite your best efforts and greatest successes), you begin to notice the value of such reinforcement.


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