Bullying And Bullying Among Students And Adolescents Involved With Bullying Cases

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Though there are many different issues that need to be dealt with, a common one that many people face throughout their life is bullying. There have been multiple cases in the media about students and adolescents involved with bullying cases. Researchers try to study these incidents in an attempt to try and solve this problem. Since new forms of harassment are created, this issue continues to grow and effect the lives of the individuals involved. As people try to understand this growing problem, many questions are asked, such as what are the different types of bullying, why does bullying occur, and how can people prevent this situation from happening. Once these questions and their answers can be understood, this bullying issue can be put to an end. Because of the many diverse forms of bullying, there are numerous definitions. In some cases, bullying can be defined as physical acts of such as hitting and kicking and the verbal acts such as teasing. Bullying could also be shown emotionally through exclusion or teasing. Cyber bullying is intentionally hurting a person through the use of the internet (Gleason 4). Bullying could also be classified as the physical or emotional intimidation that occurs repeatedly and turns into a pattern of abuse (Kuther 1). These broad definitions allow there to be many different forms of bullying. Gleason defines a bully as a person who attempts to hurt others who they feel are different or below them. This definition typically refers to a…

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