How Bullying Changed My Life

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Some of us seem to take life for granted, while others cannot seem to find a reason for our lives. Many of us live in bliss, while others live in complete misery. Life is hard for all of us, whether it be with school, at home, at work, or even with ourselves. However, a select few have it a smidge harder than others, unwillingly of course. I have had depression for seven years now and it has taken a toll on my personal life and my emotional status. I did not choose to live this way, it just seemed to have crept on me many years ago. However, I learned that at many points it will get better and we all will have brighter days than not.
I have been bullied all my life from being called names like “short” or “annoying” to being laughed at by my peers and pushed into walls. It started in first grade and haunted me every year up until my junior year in high school. In elementary school it was the usual name calling and teasing, which did irritate me but did not do more than that. I had to live with it, so said my mother. In middle school, the levels of teasing increased. It went from being called short everyday to being called annoying, loud, and being told I talked too much. This hurt more than being called short because I loved talking. I loved making conversation with
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They each broke my heart. I just felt like it was not going to stop. I felt like no one was going to love me and I would always end up alone and heartbroken. However, one of these boys came in and fixed me. He showed me that the world is not all that bad all the time. He became my best friend and still is to this day. I have learned from him and from my entire life that things are going to be hard, but things will also be easy and will give you so much joy you will be glad to have stuck around for it all. Some people will help you forget the bullying and the depression and the weight of the world, at least for a little

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