Bully Report Bshs 325 Essay

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Bully Report
N’Keya Boone
Human Systems and Development BSHS/325
August 11, 2014
Erick Lear

Bully Report Bullying is a situation where one person abuses power over another. Bullying is about power, control and abuse. Bully’s come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Bullying occurs throughout a human’s life span. The most-critical development stage of one’s personality is adolescence. Bullying during adolescence has been a major issue in every community. Bullying can happen in three known forms; direct, indirect, and cyber. Both gender and sexual orientation are associated with all forms of bullying. Bullying affects self-esteem and family cohesion. Bullying affects a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. During
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When bullies bully their peers this affects them physically, emotionally and mentally. The victim will withdraw from activities in school and at home. Families are affected by bullied victims. Victim's share traits; secrecy, irritable, none trusting, lying, and withdrawn. Bully victims home environment can display over reenactment to minor comment and or jesters. Also decrease in family evolvement, leaving family members worried. Bullying happens every day to adolescents and adults. There is a bigger consequence in bullying adolescents. Children that are victims of bullying during the adolescence stage suffer from problems within their development process. Although there are three types of bullying; direct, indirect, and cyber, they still have the same consequence. Males are known for direct bullying while females are more prone to indirect bullying. Males and females of all ages participate in cyber bullying. Just because a person doesn’t initiate cyber bullying, they often encourage the bully to continue to post by viewing and sharing the negative comments and profiles. Bullying affects everyone; family members included. Family members can play a reverse roll and prevent bullying. Families can support and encouragement adolescents to help fight against bullies. Everyone can step up and prevent bullying; bullying is a disease that can be cured by intervention.

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