Bulls Essay

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The History of the Chicago Bulls
By: Brandon Morris

Table of Contents

1. Introduction of the Chicago Bulls pg. 1 2. History of Chicago Bulls pg. 1-2 3. Michael Jordan Arrives at the Bulls pg. 3-4 4. The Beginning of a Championship pg.5-8 5. Reference Page

Pg. 1
Introducing the Chicago Bulls The National Basketball League is where dreams become a reality for some athletes. This organization is referred to by most people as the “NBA”. There are 30 teams in the NBA and only a few that have a winning track record. The Chicago Bulls has not only won 6 Championships, but they are the leading NBA team right now with a record of 62-20 with 62 wins and only 20 losses. The history of this
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Pg. 3
Michael Air Jordan Arrives

When Michael Jordan arrived to the Chicago Bulls, the year was 1984. Another star was added to the team and that was Scottie Pippen in 1987. In the beginning the team did not do as well as most thought they would. Injuries and game losses were things that held them back from winning. Just like most teams, they struggled and had to adjust to each other. They began picking up more
Pg. 4 players for this new exciting and young team. They also got Horace Grant and the team started winning and Jordan started averaging at least 35 points per game. This was amazing because this new team was young and strong. The 1980’s had a lot of changes for the Chicago Bulls. They had already got Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant. Next, they began adding more players that would help them to continue to win. Bill Cartwright and Craig Hodges came aboard and things got even better. A new coach came also who replaced the existing coach and his name is Phil Jackson. He brought basketball skills because he used to play professional ball for 13 years. His experience helped the team win and become one of the toughest teams to ever play basketball.

Pg. 5
The Beginning of a Championship

History began during the 1990’s for the Chicago Bulls Organization. They had one of the best coaches, some of the very best players and they had a winning streak that no other team could

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